The production process has the following stages:

The grape harvest takes place in October. Grapes are harvested in the fields and they are transported by viticulturist, who unloads them into the stainless steel hopper.

The subsequent phases vary depending on the type of wine.


The Control Board Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero Regulations, which is based the San Andrés Winery, establishes the following standards:

CRIANZA WINE: red wine is aged for no less than two years, starting from 1st December of the year it is harvested. At least 12 of these months will be in an oak barrel.

RESERVE WINE: aging in oak barrel and bottle for 36 months minimum. At least 12 of these months will be in a barrel.


San Andrés Winery sells its wines with the registered trade mark VEGAZAR.

In order to be sold as Vegazar wine, the clean and filtered wine is decanted to an isotherm tank, where it is cooled to achieve the crystallisation of dissolved salts. After some days, it is filtered to obtain the final distillation and then bottled.

The bottling is completed with the winery brand label and the corresponding Control Board Ribera del Duero back label, which certifies this wine quality.