The Winery

The San Andrés Winery was built the 22nd of January 1967. Throughout that year, the building where the winery now resides was built and it has been in the process of being renovated until now.

At present, it is made up of 250 hectares and 100 associates, who commercialise all their production through this Winery.

Bodega Cooperativa San Andrés


It was built in 1967. The Winery is registered in the Ribera del Duero Control Board Register as winery to make, age and bottle wine.

It has a useful capacity of 1,850 m2 (1,400 ground floor and 450 m2 in the basement).

The winery total capacity is 13,240 hectolitre (1,324,000 litres), which consists of 63 deposits made of concrete and stainless steel.


We are proud of our vineyards, of which approximately 60% are more than 50 years old, some (pre-phylloxeric) even reaching 100 years old.

Most of the vines are globed-pruned, except the recent plantations, which are trained utilizing trellis driving system (in espalier).

Staying faithful to our quality policy, we control the average performance of our vineyards remaining always less than the maximum the control board establishes.

Bodega Cooperativa San Andrés

Since its construction, San Andrés Winery has been adapting and modernising its facilities to new and changing times.